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Reading Scanner Results

Live Scanner Table

The Live Scanner Table is an important tool that allows traders to monitor a variety of key metrics related to their trades in real-time. The table is organized into rows that contain information about each individual trade.

Opening Range Breakout Live Scanner Table

  • Symbol
    This column lists the symbol which has triggered an opening range breakout.
  • Range
    This column shows the range of the opening breakout for the security. Smaller range widths compared to usual generally tend to expand as the day goes on.
  • Position
    This column tells you whether the trade is a long or a short breakout. The backtest performance stats displayed in the next 4 columns automatically use this as a filter. For example, if a long setup is triggering, then it will only display the long setup’s backtest in the columns, instead of the total strategy performance (which includes short setups).
  • Expectancy
    This column shows the 90-day trade expectancy of this strategy for the long or short setup.
  • Trailing P/L
    This column displays the 90-day trailing profit or loss for the trade up to the current point in time, for the long or short setup.
  • Win-Rate
    This column displays the 90-day win-rate for the particular symbol and long or short setup.
  • Win-Loss
    This column tells you how many trades were winners vs. losers for that particular long or short setup. The first number is the number of winners, the second number is the number of losers.
  • Risk/Reward
    This column shows the potential risk versus reward ratio for the trade. The first number is the risk, and the second number is the reward. For example, 1/2 implies you are risking 1 to make 2.

Collapsible Trade Rows

ORB Live Scanner Collapsible Row

Each row in the Live Scanner Table is also collapsible. If you expand it, you will see a detailed view of the trade. This detailed view includes:

  • Entry Price
  • Target Price
  • Stop Price
  • Entry Time
  • Exit Time (if trade is closed)
  • P/L for this trade only

Sorting Trades Quickly

You can sort the table by open trades only, closed trades only, or all trades. Sorting by open trades only is useful during market hours to find trades that are still active. Sorting by closed trades only is useful for studying each day’s opening range breakouts and learning from them. Sorting by both is an option if you’d like to see all trades.

Sort by open or closed trades on the ORB Live Scanner

By using the Live Scanner Table, traders can easily monitor their trades, identify patterns, and make informed decisions in real-time.