Connect Watchlist to Scanner

One of the most powerful features of the Live Scanner is the ability to scan only the symbols in your designated watchlist.

This can save you time by focusing only on the stocks that you are interested in and eliminate the need to manually filter through a larger list of symbols.

To use a watchlist with the Live Scanner, simply load the desired watchlist from the Watchlist tab in the navigation menu. Once the watchlist is loaded, click on the Live Scanner tab and select “Watchlist” from the “Symbol List” dropdown menu.

Input Custom Watchlist in ORB Scanner

The Live Scanner will now scan only the symbols in your designated watchlist, and any results that meet your scanning criteria will be displayed in the Live Scanner table.

It is important to note that you can use any watchlist with the Live Scanner, not just the built-in ones. You can create unlimited watchlists with unlimited symbols in each watchlist, allowing you to tailor your scanning to your specific trading strategies and preferences.

In conclusion, using watchlists with the Live Scanner is a powerful tool that can save you time and help you focus on the symbols that are most relevant to your trading strategies.

With unlimited watchlists and the ability to load any watchlist into the Live Scanner, the possibilities for customization are endless.