Add Symbols to a Watchlist

You can add symbols to an existing watchlist at any time, easily. This is useful if you want to update an existing list, or simply have new symbols you’d like to monitor as part of an existing group.

  1. Hover over the settings icon for the watchlist you’d like to add a symbol to

    Hover over settings icon in watchlist - ORB Setups
  2. Click on the “Add” button
  3. The watchlist will now appear in the left editing pane. You can verify you are adding symbols to the right watchlist by confirming the watchlist name.

    Add symbols panel in ORB watchlist
  4. Add in any new symbols you want to add

    Example of adding MSFT to existing watchlist in the ORB watchlists page
  5. Click the “Add Symbols” button to save the new watchlist

The watchlist will now be updated with the new list of symbols, being added to the existing list of watchlist symbols.