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Four powerful tools to trade Opening Range Breakouts like a pro

Live Scanner

Real-time entries

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150K+ ORB Setups

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Tool #1: Live Scanner

ORB Setups Delivered To You

Live Scanner finds and delivers the best ORB setups worth day trading.

Scan With P/L in Mind

Imagine having a personal trading assistant, whose job is to scan for new ORB setups, backtest each one, and filter out the best trades for you.

  • Filter by P/L and win-rate
  • Load custom watchlist
  • Entry and exit plan included
ORB Live Scanner with Stats

How to Use Live Scanner:

Setups triggering real-time, with performance data, for an instant edge

Start by Scanning for ORB Setups

Start by Scanning

Scan 10,000+ stocks and ETFs daily for ORB setups. Scan results are updated every 2 seconds.

ORB Live Scanner Filters Example

Pick Your Filters

Find needles in haystacks easily, with 1-click filters for minimum win-rate, P/L and trade expectancy.

Manage Entries and Exits With ORB Live Scanner

Manage Your Trade

Entry, target, and stop prices are calculated for you, and displayed directly on the Live Scanner.

Tool #2: Backtester

Backtest 150k+ ORB Setups

Lightning fast backtester, packed with data and stats, updated daily

Backtest Your Heart Out

Unlimited backtests of the ORB strategy with 2 years worth of historical data (1-min candles). It takes less than 2 seconds to run a backtest.

ORB Live Scanner Filters Preview

10,000+ Stocks Supported

We most likely support all of the stocks and ETFs that you like to trade, both on the Backtester and Live Scanner.

Instant Strategy Reports

Dive into rich performance analytics like win-rate, P/L, average win vs. loss, ORB ranges and more!

Updated Daily

We add all new trades from every single day into the backtester, so you have the most accurate data.

Backtest reports in one-click!

Detailed reports with key metrics


Discover setups with 80%+ win rates, highlighting top strategies from the past 3 months.


Quickly gauge net profitability, targeting stocks with a positive strategy P/L.

Trade Expectancy

Spot setups with impressive average returns per trade and greater potential.

Total Strategy Return %

Evaluate the overall strategy percentage return, before even taking the trade.

Tool #3: Watchlists

Unlimited Custom Watchlists

Focus on the stocks and ETFs you like to trade

Scan in Your Watchlist

Choose whether you'd like to see all setups, or just the ones in your custom watchlists. Eliminate additional noise in one simple click.

Scan for ORB Setups in Custom Watchlist
The Sky is Your Limit

Add as many stocks, and as many watchlists, as you'd like - there's no limit! You can also edit old watchlists at any point, to add or remove new stocks.

Create unlimited watchlists inside of the ORB Pro platform
Tool #4: Charts

Charts Optimized for ORB

Lightweight charts that are designed for the breakout trader

Analyze Multiple Timeframes

Switch between 12 different timeframes in one-click, to quickly analyze and find the best setups.

20+ Years of Intraday Data

Intraday data going back to 2003, and supports smaller time frame charts (including 1-minute).

Easy to Use

Intuitive charts, with streamlined features that allow you to focus and find the best morning breakouts.

ORB Trading Reimagined.

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Included With Every Plan

Advanced ORB features, standard with every membership

Multiple Opening Ranges

3 different opening ranges supported:

  • First 5-min after market opens
  • First 15-min after market opens
  • First 30-min after market opens

All 3 of the opening ranges supported by the ORB Pro platform
Dark Pool Trade Integration

We've factored in any dark pool orders in our backtesting, so you can be sure that you're getting the most accurate results possible.

Dark Pool Trade Example in AAPL
Individual Trade Breakdown

Backtest reports include every single individual trade used in the backtest, so you can study past trades.

  • Entry and exit times and prices
  • P/L
  • ORB Range
View all individual trades for a backtest on the ORB Pro platform
Smart Filters

Intelligent filters to quickly find trades with at least a 80% probability and positive 3-mo trailing P/L.

Smart Live Scanner Filters for finding Opening Range Breakouts
Real-Time Trading Insights

Gain valuable insights with real-time entry and exit data, keeping you informed and ready to act on profitable setups.

Real Time Insights With ORB Live Scanner

ORB Trading Reimagined.

Take advantage of our 20% launch discount

First 100 Traders Only