Opening Range Breakouts Revolutionized.

Find ORB setups with high win rates, P/L and trade expectancy, in one-click.

  • Live scanner with P/L filters
  • Backtest 2 years in seconds
  • Unlimited custom watchlists
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Opening Range Breakout Software Example
Opening Range Breakouts Live Scanner Demo

The ORB Strategy Supercharged.

The ORB strategy is a heart breaker.

There are hundreds of breakouts to choose from everyday, but you have no idea which ones are worth trading.

Should you trade the breakout in the S&P or in Apple? How about the Nasdaq? Or Tesla? Which has better backtest performance?

It's impossible to backtest fast enough, and you're left trading in the dark.

But not anymore.

We've spent the last year building a platform designed specifically for ORB traders, like ourselves.

It's wicked fast, updates real-time with the markets, and computes setups at a level a human simply can't.

Introducing ORB Pro: A Platform Designed For ORB Traders

Opening Range Breakout Backtester Strategy Report Example

Our platform allows you to find the best Opening Range Breakouts setting up right now, in less than a few seconds.

Here's how our ORB Pro platform works:

  • 1 Scan to find new ORB setups triggering right now
  • 2 Compute a 3-month backtest for every single setup
  • 3 Organize, display and sort through backtest data
  • 4 Analyze and filter down to the best active setups
  • 5 Calculate entry, target and stop prices for each setup
  • 6 Repeat every 2 seconds

Imagine having a trading assistant who did all of that for you, every single day. And that too, for less than $80 bucks a month.

Welcome to the future of ORB trading.

Opening Ranges Supported

Three different opening ranges supported, for every trading style.


First 5-mins after opening bell.

9:30 - 9:35 am ET


First 15-mins after opening bell.

9:30 - 9:45 am ET


First 30-mins after opening bell.

9:30 - 10:00 am ET

Easy to Use, Powerful to Deliver

Platform designed specifically to help you trade Opening Range Breakouts like a pro

Live Scanner

A list of trades setting up real-time, with a 3-month backtest of how effective the ORB strategy has been.


Dive into rich performance analytics like win-rates, P/L, and trade expectancy ratios.

Trade Cards

Entry, target and stop prices calculated for you, and displayed directly on the scanner.


Fast, light-weight charts optimized specifically for the ORB strategy, across multiple timeframes.

Backtest 2 years worth of Opening Range Breakouts

ORB Trading Reimagined.

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